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We’re not just your typical accountancy firm here at Williamson & Croft. We always ensure our customers get a service that is driven by results and packed with practical business advice. 

We started this independent accounting practice to help see other businesses succeed.  With offices in Manchester and Liverpool, we truly care about offering expert advice on accountancy services, advice on your tax affairs, the most up-to-date specialist advisory services, information on R&D Tax Credits and thorough year-end tax planning, among other important business facets.

We help clients from a range of sectors, including property, construction and, professional services, along with digital & creative, retail & eCommerce and technology & software, who continually praise our hard work, effort and forward-thinking approach. If you’re a business in Manchester, Liverpool or one of the surrounding areas of Warrington, Stockport, Bolton, Wigan and Preston looking for a top-class accountancy firm then Williamson & Croft are the team for you.

About Us

Since our inception, this local firm has been passionate about giving expert advice with the goal of becoming one of the best accountancy service providers in Manchester, Liverpool and the rest of England and Wales. The end goal? To become a local accountancy firm that helps business owners increase their average profit, beat their competitors, implement firm foundations and reward their dedicated, hard-working teams while building robust businesses with a great corporate culture that supports everyone.

Williamson & Croft Forensic Accounting

At Williamson & Croftour experienced team of forensic accounting experts will work closely with you to understand the issues and provide detailed and useful reports tailored to you and your advisors’ individual needs. 

We are pleased to discuss your case (whether you are a business owner or a Solicitor acting for either party to an action or advising a client) on a no-obligation basis so that you can understand how we can help you and how we can work together with all parties to ensure a best-case outcome. 

We strongly believe that our extensive experience and knowledge as auditors, tax advisors and business advisors as well as expert forensic accountants leaves us ideally placed with the knowledge and skills required to provide a bespoke service and tailored reporting which suits your circumstances and meets your goals.

Our Forensic Partner – Tor Stringfellow FCA

Our Audit Partner, Tor Stringfellow, has extensive experience in the preparation of forensic accounting reports for business owners and for Court. He has prepared several business valuations for use in matrimonial financial remedy cases whether as Single Joint Expert or acting to advise one party in advance of Court proceedings in order to plan on achieving the best solution for them. He has also prepared several loss of profit claims for commercial and contractual disputes, including Joint Statements with opposing advisors. In addition to this Tor has worked with businesses to prepare valuations of shareholdings and whole businesses to facilitate tax planning and restructuring as well as preparing to market a business for sale.

He has over 15 years of experience in both audit and general practice accounting (business advisory, corporate and personal taxation and business advisory) which means that has the in-depth knowledge of how businesses are run and operate on a day-to-day basis to allow him to fully understand the opportunities and unique circumstances or each business in all sectors and to factor this into the reports.

Please feel free to contact Tor on 0161 399 0121 or at if you have any queries or would like to discuss how he can help you.

Forensic Accounting Services

Divorce Proceedings

Whether acting as a Single Joint Expert appointed by the Court or working with one party to a divorce at an early stage to understand their needs and ensure the best possible outcome for them financially (potentially in association with our financial planning and property valuation partners), we can report on a range of areas as experienced expert accountants in a format which is FPR compliant and easy for Solicitors and Barristers to read and understand the key issues.

This includes:

  • Valuations of businesses and shareholdings;
  • Providing an opinion on the liquidity within a business, any surplus assets or the ability to raise finance to fund a settlement;
  • Reviewing the earnings of Directors, business owners and shareholders to identify their potential sustainable future income from a business;
  • Consideration of the tax implications of sale, restructuring or transfer of business and other personal assets;
  • Review of Form E disclosures and supporting documentation to analytically interrogate the financial information to identify any unusual transactions and potential queries and additional details required; and
  • Working together with financial planners and property/pension valuers at an early stage in the process to understand what assets would be most valuable to each party and assist in ensuring best-case outcomes for all.

Business and Share Valuations

Our Partners have experience in preparing independent business valuations for a wide variety of purposes in formats which can be tailored to the client’s requirements. Whether you want a “desktop” valuation to give you an idea of the range in which the value of your (or a target) business lies or a more detailed report which can be used to inform negotiations with an investor, 3rd party buyer or management seeking to buy into a business, we can assist.

We seek to obtain an in-depth understanding of the business from all available sources so that we can ensure that our valuation is specific to the unique circumstances of the business, accurate and will stand up to external scrutiny whether from HMRC or another party to a transaction.

We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” valuation calculator and so we will consider a range of potential valuation techniques and explain how these apply to your business and your requirements. We can also value specific majority or minority interests in a business taking into account the level of involvement of the stakeholder, level of control and influence on the business strategy and key decision making.

Commercial and Contractual Disputes / Loss of Profit Claims

Sometimes in business, as in life, things don’t quite as smoothly as planned and this can have significant financial implications which can lead to a dispute. To make a claim a business needs to quantify the financial losses suffered due to the issues causing the dispute and that is where we can help.

We will review the documentation and meet with you to understand the issues surrounding the claim and then will identify with you all the potential “heads of loss” where you have suffered direct additional costs or the loss of potential profits whether from being deprived of the use of a key asset or losing onward sales and contracts. We will then provide a detailed report which is supported by the factual evidence to back up your claim.

Alternatively, if your business is subject to a claim or counterclaim then we can review and challenge the underlying assumptions, evidence and basis of calculations to ensure that you obtain the best outcome for your business.

How Else Can We Help Your Business?

We are not just experts at forensic accounting here at Williamson & Croft. Our expert team offers a range of accounting and tax services that will ensure your business is on track to achieve its financial goals.

Here are some of the other services that we offer:

  • Accountancy – A results-driven service that will help your business grow in key areas while also providing strategic advice and developing robust, risk-mitigating systems.
  • Tax – Our tax team will wade through complexities and uncertainties of UK tax legislation to ensure you’re paying exactly what you have to and not a penny more.
  • Advisory – We have the first-hand experience of starting a business, which puts us in a great position to advise you on how best to manage growth, make your mark on the industry and reduce risk.
  • R&D Tax Credits – Claim back research & development money that you’re owed by the government through our R&D tax credit service. You could get back up to 33% of your costs.
  • Year-End Tax Planning – We’ll make sure you’re not missing out on any tax relief. We’ll help you plan ahead to ensure any benefits you can receive are maximised.

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We can assist you with all of your forensic accounting requirements and so whether you are a Solicitor looking for the highest quality advice for your client or a competitive quote for a Single Joint Expert Report or if you’re a business owner operating in ManchesterLiverpool, the surrounding areas of SalfordBoltonBirkenheadSt HelensSale or anywhere else in the UK and want advice that is in-depth, clear and hits your objectives then give us a call or drop us an email and let’s get started or contact one of our Partners directly.

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