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Technology runs through the heart of almost every business regardless of industry or sector, helping to boost efficiency, productivity and reduce risk. Driving innovation with their fantastic range of products and services, technology and software businesses are certainly at the forefront, though this doesn’t come without its challenges.

How do you keep up in a highly competitive market that places so much emphasis on emerging technology and attracting the brightest and best talent, all while managing client expectations? We understand these challenges and regularly advise our clients on investment and funding, tax, regulation, attracting talent and developing market share.

Whether you’re in software development or other tech development, you need an accountancy firm that can help you achieve sustainability and growth whilst keeping your accounts and tax compliance in check. At Williamson & Croft, we have the expertise and knowledge to do just that, with a team of accountants, tax experts and specialist advisors who can help you navigate the financial challenges your business faces, and help you achieve the goals you’ve set.

We keep your financials in check so that you can focus on the creative aspects of your business. Get in touch with us today by calling us on 0161 399 0121 or emailing us at to learn more about our services, and why they are right for you.

“We were very impressed with the expertise and professionalism that Williamson & Croft provided to us during our recent group restructuring and we would highly recommend their services.”

– Shaun Gibson, The Telcom Group
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Our Services

Our accountancy experts can offer strategic advice on everything from funding and investment, company structuring, key staff incentives, regulation and compliance through to tax planning and compliance.

In addition to our standard accounting and tax services we can assist with:

  • R&D Tax Credits and Patents Box.
  • Assisting with funding/investment and utilisation of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).
  • Attracting and retaining key staff through remuneration and incentives such as Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) schemes.
  • Advising on business valuations and maximising value.
  • International VAT & Customs.
  • Structuring for investment, licensing, intellectual property protection and joint ventures.
  • Exit strategy planning
  • Specialist audits for grants funding.

Financial Audits For Tech & Software Firms

In a competitive industry such as technology or software, the need to show key stakeholders in your organisation that you’re a serious, transparent company who is being honest about the financial position of your organisation is vital. Also, advances in technology have led to companies in this industry having to deal with a great deal of consumer information, this handling of sensitive data and the ensuing responsibility further embed the need, to be honest in your financial reporting.

Here at Williamson & Croft, we know the need for a thorough audit process to ensure there is a healthy relationship between business, consumers and stakeholders. Our audit process for your tech company begins with a planning phase which is a process of attaining up-to-date financial records which help us determine how to complete the audit. We then work with your management team to collect evidence, see the full transaction flow and understand the operational set-up of your finance team. Throughout our time working for you, we stress the need for technology businesses to provide all information and not hold back anything important.

We know that audits provide reassurance to investing stakeholders that their investment is with people who know what to do with it. And, by having an independent body complete the audit work, you provide confidence to relevant stakeholders in those early stages. Thanks to our cloud computing capabilities which allow us to access, upload and download documents remotely, we make the whole process thorough and modern. We’ll be there to offer your business insight and advice to help improve internal business processes, minimise the risk posed by cybersecurity and use data analytics to spot ways you can save money. We’ll ensure that, by implementing our recommendations, you can safeguard resources, increase efficiency and ensure you’re compliant with the law.

For more information about the process please contact our friendly team at Williamson & Croft by phone on 0161 399 0121 (Manchester), 0151 303 3112 (Liverpool) or contact our audit partner directly at

In addition we have a network of trusted advisors with specialist industry knowledge that can add real value to your business. From bankers and funders through to lawyers and patent attorneys, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Williamson & Croft

  • We are an award-winning firm of accountants and tax advisors offering the full range of services to clients within the UK and beyond it. This is highlighted by our 5* reviews, and the fact that we come highly recommended by our technology and software clients.
  • We can recommend new business strategies that can drive real business growth, appeal to new customers and take your company down paths that could be financially lucrative.
  • We have clients from industries as varied as property, construction, technology, professional services and digital, who consider us experts when it comes to understanding, and delivering on, their specific needs.
  • We are easily found in Manchester and Liverpool, and it would be great to arrange a meeting to discuss your business and for you to meet the team who will be assisting you.

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As well as providing businesses across Liverpool, Manchester, the surrounding areas of Preston, Bury, The Wirral and the rest of the North West with high-class accounting, tax and advisory services, the chartered, certified accounts here at Williamson & Croft want to educate people on topics that relate to accounting, tax and VAT. So with that in mind, we’ve set up an FAQ page to help you find the answers to some commonly asked questions.

We hope you find what you're looking for on this page. However, if you don't find the answer to your question on this FAQ page or want more information about our accountingtax or advisory services and how our team can help you, then be sure to get in touch online or give us a call on 0161 3990121 today.

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Since our inception, this local firm has been passionate about giving expert advice with the goal of becoming one of the best accountancy service providers in Manchester, Liverpool and the rest of England and Wales. The end goal? To become a local accountancy firm that helps business owners increase their average profit, beat their competitors, implement firm foundations and reward their dedicated, hard-working teams while building robust businesses with a great corporate culture that supports everyone.

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