At Williamson & Croft, we are experts in providing support services for most types of disputes, adopting a strategic and cost-conscious approach to all forensic engagements whilst maintaining independence and advising on the financial implications of the dispute.

The majority of our work is to support solicitors in an independent capacity bringing financial expertise to value business interests, quantify potential financial losses, interpret company’s affairs, or to investigate an individual’s assets and liabilities.

Our services

We frequently receive requests from law firms, barristers, corporations, and individuals seeking our assistance in the realm of forensic accounting services for disputes and investigations.

Our offerings encompass expert witness testimony, advisory services, and investigative support across a wide range of cases and issues.

We often help with the following:

  • Matrimonial financial remedy proceedings
  • Business disputes
  • Business valuations
  • Quantification of losses in breach of contract
  • Calculation of losses in professional negligence cases
  • Business investigations
  • Fraud and financial investigations
  • Expert witness work

Why choose Williamson & Croft?

Our extensive background includes the provision of independent expert reports, intended for presentation in court and other legal proceedings, where we fulfill the role of expert witnesses.

Our team members have testified in court and are readily available for oral testimony when required.

Over the years, we have prepared a multitude of expert reports for litigation proceedings, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the applicable procedure rules in the UK.

Our collective experience spans a broad spectrum of matters related to disputes, ranging from smaller-scale conflicts to substantial commercial disputes involving high-value cases.

As experts in our field, we possess the ability to clarify complex technical evidence in a comprehensible manner and offer fresh perspectives on evidence analysis when needed.

Our team

Our Forensic Accounting team is led by our Audit Partner Tor Stringfellow. Tor has extensive experience working on significant matters and has been required to give testimony in court on several occasions.

Tor is the head of our audit services and is a top 10 trained accomplished auditor with nearly 20 years in the profession.

He has fantastic attention to detail and depth of experience. As well as working alongside owner managed businesses in various industries nationwide, Tor also has extensive experience in auditing groups of companies.


Williamson & Croft would be a valuable asset to your law firm by providing forensic accounting expertise.

Our specialists can assist in unravelling complex financial data, uncovering hidden assets, and determining financial irregularities in legal cases.

Their expert reports and testimony can lend credibility to legal arguments and bolster the strength of your case.

With our deep understanding of financial regulations and legal procedures, they will help you to build stronger, more compelling arguments in disputes and investigations, ultimately increasing the chances of a successful outcome for your clients.

If you are seeking assistance with complex financial aspects in your legal cases, reach out to us today.

We’ll help strengthen your arguments, improve your chances of success, and provide the forensic accounting support you need.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist your firm.